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Welcome to the Sandy Springs PD, where we are dedicated to serving and protecting our community.  We believe in investing in our officers' professional and personal growth, and offer the resources and support they need to thrive. Join our team today and help us make our community a safer and better place. Our officers have a multitude of opportunities within the department to include the following:

  • Detective

  • K-9 

  • Narcotics/Vice

  • Street Crimes 

  • Technology and Crime Scene Investigation

  • Traffic 

  • Drone Program

  • Bicycle

  • Patrol

  • Criminal Intelligence 

  • Property and Evidence 

  • Training and Background

  • Community





The North Metro SWAT Team was founded in 2009. This Special Weapons and Tactics team consists of officers from the Sandy Springs Police Department, Dunwoody Police Department, Johns Creek Police Department, and Brookhaven Police Department. With the combined strength of four cities, the North Metro SWAT team allows for swift and complete response to tactical situations as well as high-risk warrant response to over 280,000 citizens. The North Metro SWAT officers have a working knowledge of each city through extensive combined training which averages 16 hours per month. The North Metro SWAT Team also includes Tactical Medics along with a Crisis Negotiation Team and Logistics team comprised of officers from each of the four cities. Equipped with specialized training and equipment, the North Metro SWAT can respond to:

  • Hostage Rescues

  • Service of high-risk arrest and search warrants

  • Barricaded suspects

  • Engagement of heavily armed criminals

  • Dignitary protection

  • Active assailant incidents



The Quick Response Force (QRF) is a multi-functional unit comprised of Sandy Springs Police officers as well as two Tactical Medics from Sandy Springs Fire Department and a volunteer trauma Doctor. The officers and supervisors on QRF are trained in the proper response to active assailant situations and given additional equipment to fulfill this dangerous mission. They train regularly in firearms, breaching doors, and building clearing and protecting those in need.

River Patrol

The City of Sandy Springs borders approximately 20 miles of the Chattahoochee River and has multiple private lakes and ponds within the city limits. In 2009, the city was overcome

with a rising river and overtaxed flood areas. In 2010 a rescue boat was purchased, and a Swiftwater Rescue Team was formed. Members of both Police and Fire began training together and have continued training together ever since for Swiftwater and Flood emergencies.



In the Fall of 2014, the Sandy Springs Police Department launched their latest program designed to help residents with      roadside problems. Manned by full-time police officers and      Citizens on Patrol volunteers who have received additional        training, the Sandy Springs Traffic Response Vehicle is a Ford F350 truck outfitted to be first responders for

motorists along surface streets. The TRV unit will remain on

the roads to manage accidents on I-285 and SR 400.

SWAT • QRF • River Patrol • TRV

Bonus: $3,500


The North Metro S.W.A.T Crisis Negotiation Team consists of individuals who negotiate with a person or group of people actively involved in a criminal, domestic, or mental health incident. The negotiators are trained to De-escalate potentially life-threatening situations using verbal crisis management techniques. This team responds to incidents involving suicidal, armed/barricaded, emotionally disturbed, and hostage-holding individuals. The North Metro S.W.A.T objectives are to Save lives and mitigates crisis incidents while attempting to avoid unnecessary risk to officers, citizens, victims, and subjects.


Honor Guard


The Sandy Springs Police Department Honor Guard represents the Department, its officers and families at law enforcement funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions – both solemn and festive. The team is dedicated to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with members of the public safety community during times of celebration and emotional duress. The members of the unit stand ready to pay their respects to officers that pay the ultimate price for their community. Since its inception, Honor Guard members have attended dozens of funerals at agencies all over the southeast. Members take this mission seriously as it is our opportunity to honor the fallen officer and to pay our respect to the family.


CNT • Honor Guard

Bonus: $2,000

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