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Job Description: 
Police Officer

The job of a Sandy Springs Police Officer is to protect the citizens of Sandy Springs and uphold the laws of the state. They are responsible for responding to calls for service, providing proactive patrol, conducting investigations, and making arrests. In addition, they are also expected to maintain order and safety in the community.


Under general supervision, performs a variety of duties
involved in the enforcement of laws and prevention of crimes;

Controls traffic flow and enforces State and local traffic regulations;

Participates in and conducts a variety of criminal investigations

Provides a high level of customer service and integrate the community into policing activities

Participates in community based police activities and programs

Performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks in support of law enforcement services and activities. 

Performs other duties, as required.

Current Openings:

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Are you a certified Peace Officer? The Sandy Springs Police Department offers experienced police officers a quality lateral program with perks that set us apart. You will be undergoing a 6 week FTO program and start as a Patrol Officer working 12-hour shifts. You’ll be on your way to a successful career with potential for special assignments once employee is eligible.



Bike Patrol
Salary and Benefits
Qualifications and Requirements
Hiring Process




Do you want to start your policing career? Look no further and start here with the Sandy Springs Police Department. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to attend a 11-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy to learn the basics of policing. After completing the academy, officers will be required to complete a 12-week field training program to gain experience in the field. Officers will have the opportunity to serve their local community by protecting and serving with integrity, courage, and respect. We invite you to join the Sandy Springs Police Department and become part of a team of dedicated professionals.

Salary and Benefits
Qualifications and Requirements
Hiring Process


All out of state hires

In-state hires (sworn)

In-state hires (non-sworn)


• Extra Job Opportunities

• 30-Mile Take Home Car Program 

• College Tuition Reimbursement 

• Free Onsite Workout Facility

• 1 hour workout time during shift (If time permits) 

• Training Opportunities   

• All Uniform and Equipment provided

• Holiday: 11 Paid

• Military Leave          

• Built in 4 hours overtime for sworn officers working 12-hour shifts.

• Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

• 12% contribution with an additional 5% match on Retirement

• Life Insurance (4x yearly salary)

• Short/Long Term Disability

• FOP Legal Defense Plan (Criminal) paid for by the Sandy Springs Police Benevolent Fund


  • Physical Fitness Assessment Bonus:

    • Tier 1 = $1000

    • Tier 2 = $500

    • Tier 3 = $250​

  • Annual Performance Evaluation Bonus 

  • Special Unit Bonus:

    • ​SWAT = $3500

    • QRF = $3500 

    • River Patrol = $3500

    • TRV = $3500     

    • CNT = $2000

    • Honor Guard = $2,000  

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